TORTILLERIA "the tortilla shop at North Shore"


Our main goal is to ensure quality, consistency and authenticity, and
that is why we are about to open a TORTILLERIA (the authentic word for
tortilla factory) to start the production of our own tortillas. Our
new location on the North shore will produce hand-made, naturally
gluten-free tortillas from the Nixtamal dough, which is the Aztec word
to describe corn that has been partially cooked and soaked. The corn
we are using has not been genetically modified, and is sourced from
Culiacan, Mexico.

We believe in preserving the wholeness of all our ingredients in the
same way that we prepare the taco fillings you are used to enjoying in
our stores.

Once the doors to the tortilleria are open, you are welcome to visit
and stock up on fresh tortillas and our amazing fillings.

Yes! the same fillings from our stores will be available to you. Soon
we will let you know more details.