Authentic Mexican tacos in Vancouver, BC

At la Taqueria, we thrive on making people feel happy, loved and at home.


We make our tacos from traditional recipes with local, organic and sustainable products, when possible. Our menu offers different types of fillings which can be served as a Taco (soft tortilla, made locally & homemade style) or as a Quesadilla.


La Taqueria was born in 2009, through the idea of creating a taco stand, which resemble the taste and feel of street tacos around Mexico. These tacos are usually the best, a real Mexican tradition.




Hastings (604) 568 4406

Cambie (604) 558 2549

North Van (604) 971 4744



Hastings - 322 W Hastings

Cambie - 2549 Cambie St

North Van - 1305 Welch St




M-Sat 11a–5p


M-Sat 11a–8:30p

Sun 12p–6:00p

North Van

M-Sun 11a–5p

Have a little taste of La Taqueria...

La Taqueria at your home, office or event.


Our catering services are designed to bring the whole experience

of La Taqueria to your home, office or event.


We provide all taco fillings, toppings, tortillas, salsas, pickles in

aluminium serving trays to keep your food warm and ready to make tacos.

Please place your order with minimum 24 hours advance notice. Muchas Gracias

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Please keep in mind we dont have a delivery service, you need to pick your order at any of our locations.
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