Authentic Mexican tacos and burritos in Vancouver, BC

At la Taqueria, we thrive on making people feel happy, loved and at home.


We make our tacos and burritos from traditional recipes with local, organic and sustainable products, when possible. Our menu offers different types of fillings which can be served as a Taco (soft tortilla, made locally & homemade style) or as a Quesadilla.


La Taqueria was born in 2009, through the idea of creating a taco stand, which resemble the taste and feel of street tacos around Mexico. These tacos are usually the best, a real Mexican tradition.




Hastings (604) 568 4406

Cambie (604) 558 2549

North Van (604) 971 4744

Victoria (778) 265 6255

Hornby (604) 565 0511

Main (604) 6204011



Hastings - 322 W Hastings St.

Yukon - 2450 Yukon St.

North Van - 1305 Welch St.

Victoria, BC - 766 Fort St.

Hornby - 586 Hornby St.

Main - 2521 Main St.



Mon-Thu 11am–9pm

Fri & Sat 11am-2am

Sun 12pm-6pm


Mon-Sat 11am–8:30pm

Sun 12pm–6pm

North Van

Mon-Sun 11am–5pm


Mon-Sat 11am–8:30pm

Sun 12pm-6pm


Mon to Wed 11am-8:30pm

Thu & Fri 11am-11pm

Sat 12pm-8pm

Sun 12pm-6pm


Mon to Thu 11am-9pm

Fri & Sat 11am-10:30ish pm

Sun 12pm-9pm

La Taqueria at your home, office or event.


Our catering services are designed to bring the whole experience

of La Taqueria to your home, office or event.


We provide all taco fillings, toppings, tortillas, salsas, pickles in

aluminium serving trays to keep your food warm and ready to make tacos.

Please place your order with minimum 24 hours advance notice. Muchas Gracias

Fill the form and we will contact you with all details.

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Ready to eat burritos tray! Best solution for that meeting, party or special event.
Braised Sirloin Tips in Adobo Sauce, served with Pico de Gallo, Charro Beans, Cilantro and Tortilla Chips.
La Taqueria’s classic Al Pastor Pork, served with Charro Beans, Pineapple Pico de Gallo, and Chipotle Mayo
Popular traditional Chicken Mexican dish, served with Black Beans, Cheese, Crema, Salsa Fresca and Tortilla Chips.
Chicken in a Chocolate Sauce, served with Black Beans, Cheese, Crema, Plantain Chips and Pickled Onions.
Slow cooked Pork, Served with Charro Beans, Pico de Gallo, Pickled Onions and Cilantro
Beer Battered Ocean Wise Cod Fillet, Served with Chipotle and Wasabi Mayo, Sweet Ponzu, and Cilantro and a touch of Salsa Fresca
Authentic Rajas con Crema (Roasted Poblano Peppers), served with Black Beans, Chipotle Mayo, Sauteed Mushrooms and Kale, topped with Mozzarella Cheese

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To ensure you know what a ‘good job looks like’, we have complete job descriptions for every role at La Taqueria. To help you know how all the jobs fit together, here is an overview:

Team Leader - This person is an ambassador for La Taqueria, consistently role modelling the brand promise of La Taqueria. This role requires excellent judgment in problem solving, and the highest standards in ethics and honesty.  The Team Leader is responsible for the operations of the location, and the experience of each team member and guest.  The Team Leader is the ‘immediate supervisor’ of the Front of House team members, and of the Kitchen Coordinator.  

Kitchen Coordinator –  This role is responsible for cleanliness and efficiency in kitchen operations, the management of food cost, and ensuring that food served meets the highest quality and food safety standards. This person role-models positive leadership, great team skills, respectful communication and ultimate organization. The Kitchen Coordinator is the ‘immediate supervisor’ for the Kitchen team.  

Line Cook - The Line Cook is responsible for working at a fast and accurate pace, ensuring every detail of preparation and presentation of menu items for our guests is perfect. Using strong team work skills, a ‘clean and organize as you go’ style of working, this role creates top quality tacos every time.  

Busser -  This role is responsible for cleanliness in the front-of-house, ensuring authentic and friendly customer service, and quick delivery of food orders. This person delivers genuine, authentic service, while ensuring the front-of-house is kept spotless and organized.

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